20x20HeartWalk first became a consideration when several Church of the Nazarene district and general leaders invited Hal and Debbi to speak about “making Christlike disciples” for pastors, other leadership gatherings, and parenting events.

When these, and other leaders, heard (a) their passionate message of why to make Christlike disciples, and (b) their practical methods of how to make Christlike disciples in families and churches, they identified the need for this message to be heard more broadly than in the local church. Hal and Debbi were jarred into serious consideration of leaving the pastorate after 40 years of pastoral ministry to share their studies and story.

Finally, through several subjective experiences (both personal and through others) they were persuaded that God was calling them to give themselves to the broader church to help accomplish the mission: “To make Christlike disciples in the nations” (Acts 16:9-10).

Serving pastors, parents, and churches in growing Christlike disciples and disciplers.

HeartWalk is determined to be all about Jesus, about being with Him, and about helping others be with Him. HeartWalk is about meeting, ministering, and maturing with Jesus, then making disciples who do the same and will be equipped to help others meet, minister, mature, and so on.


Why HeartWalk?

  • Many pastors sincerely desire to help to include intentional relational discipling as a component of the DNA of their churches.
  • Parents desperately need help to intentionally, strategically disciple their children.
  • Our particular denomination has recently established a new mission statement: “to make Christ-like disciples in the nations.”
  • Hal and Debbi are called to invest as deeply and broadly as possible to assist pastors, parents, and churches in making progress in being and making Christlike disciples.


What Others Say…

“Many talk and teach about spiritual disciplines. A few practice them. Hal Perkins practices.

Many propose and preach about discipleship. A few practice making disciples. Perkins practices.

Called to reproduce disciples makers, Hal mentors emerging leaders from principles to practices.

Decades of demonstration validate his message from passion to action and from holy generations in his family to global nations in the future.”

Daniel Ketchum, Ph.D.

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