book-discipledbyjesusDiscipled by Jesus

Can 21st century Christians actually be discipled by Jesus? Perhaps more importantly, can one be a Christian, that is, a disciple of Jesus, if he is not being discipled by Jesus?

This writing appeals to Scripture to affirm that Christians can be discipled by Jesus, that they must be, and how they can be. It further identifies how these who are truly being discipled by Jesus are thus being equipped to disciple others, just as they have been discipled. Ultimately, through intentionally coaching and multiplying the numbers of those being authentically discipled by Jesus, Christlike disciples and disciplemakers will multiply and Jesus will build His church.

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20x20book-walkwithmeWalk With Me

What does it mean to make Christlike disciples?

Discipleship is a common word in churches today. Pastors and leaders are continually looking for resources to help their members develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and a closer relationship with Christ. But there’s more to discipleship than studying and following Christ’s teachings. True discipleship is an invitation to become like Christ; to absorb His passions, behaviors, and wisdom by spending significant time with Him; to engage in a relationship with Him that shapes you into His likeness and in turn, inspires others to do the same.

Walk with Me calls pastors, church leaders, teachers, and parents to go beyond basic discipleship and begin to intentionally disciple others to be disciplemakers. It explores the importance of teaching mature disciples how their Christ-influenced responses to everyday situations can be used to show others who Jesus is and what it means to be His disciple. With biblical insight, author Hal Perkins explores the call to “go and make disciples of all nations” and demonstrates how changing the way we act, think, and serve will not only help us fulfill the Great Commission, but also answer the call to love God with all our hearts and minds, and our neighbor as ourselves.

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20x20book-ifjesuswereaparentIf Jesus Were a Parent

What if Jesus had had children of His own? What principles concerning God, life, and the world would He have wanted them to learn? How would He have taught them these principles? In fact, how did He teach and instruct those who were His closest family, His disciples?

Written by Hal Perkins, “If Jesus Were A Parent” explores child rearing from the viewpoint of a lifelong disciple maker, applying the teaching and disciplining techniques Jesus Himself used with His disciples. Making committed disciples of Jesus has been Hal Perkins passion since he first discovered this Biblical principle during his college years. As a young parent his first and most important efforts in disciple making were directed toward his own children. He and Debbi applied the disciple making principles to the rearing of their own kids with tremendous results and share these experiences with the reader in If Jesus Were a Parent. A pastor and disciple maker for 30 years, Hal has experienced first hand how making disciples of Jesus has helped hundreds of parents navigate the challenging and sometimes treacherous waters of raising kids.

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