What We Do

Teaching Events, Training Events, and/or Days of Dialogue (see below)


Our Teaching Events can be used for renewal services, revivals, and/or revivals/retreats

Our Teaching Events are perfect for renewal services, revivals, and/or retreats

Teaching Events (Renewal Services/Revivals/Retreats)

A sample of some message titles:

– Mastered by Jesus
– Meeting with Jesus
– Ministry with Jesus
– Maturing with Jesus
– Making Disciples with Jesus
– If Jesus Were A Parent
– Walk with Me – Becoming and Making Christlike Disciples
– From Cheap Grace to Saving Grace
– The Faith That Saves
– Restoring Repentance, Relationship, and Heart Obedience
– From Flesh Walk to Spirit Walk
– Jesus: The Most Discipled of All
– The Greatest Father-Son Meeting Ever
– How to Be Personally Discipled by Jesus
– Walking as Jesus Walked
– The Power of Prayer
– Making Disciples: Step One Made Possible for Everyone
– Church Planting for Normal Christians
– How to Be Authentically Holy


Our Training Events work well with Conferences, Retreats & Seminars

Our Training Events work well with Conferences, Retreats & Seminars

Training Events (Conferences/Retreats/Seminars)

Can include the above mentioned Teaching Events.

(Examples: Fri – Sun, or Sat – Tues, or Sun – Wed)

– Meeting with Jesus

Teaching and training to be Jesus’ disciple by spending time with Him, experiencing His presence through His Spirit and Word.

– If Jesus Were A Parent

Teaching and training adults to intentionally, relationally disciple children and youth to know and follow Jesus.

– Walk with Me

Equipping pastors, other leaders, and laypersons to establish intentional, relational discipling into the DNA of a church or district.

Combinations of the three above titles

Days of Dialogue

Days of Dialogue can include scheduled and/or informal times with pastors, staff members, lay leaders, or parents to dialogue how to integrate being discipled and making disciples into the routine of family / church life.

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