How to Be a Disciplemaker

Do you want help in making disciples of Jesus? 

Jesus’ intends that all His followers be discipled by His Word, Spirit, and Body.

The following dialogue between Hal and Debbi Perkins is intended to guide you in the “what” of making disciples using the Discipled by Jesus (DBJ) model.  But there is more. The videos listed below seek to clearly identify the “why” – not merely the what – behind each component of the DBJ model for making disciples of Jesus.  Please note that the disciplemaker who only knows and does the “what” without comprehending the “why” will normally miss the key essentials of Jesus’ discipling us using the Discipled by Jesus process. 

We pray you will be helped to be a far more effective disciplemaker through the series of dialogues between Hal and Debbi below.

Introduction: Hal & Debbi

Q1: “How Can Jesus Disciple Me Now?”

Q2: “What Is The Goal of the Discipled by Jesus Meeting?”

Q3: “What Happens at a Discipled by Jesus Meeting?”

Q4: “The 5 Questions of Discipled by Jesus”

Q5: “Why The High Call To Be Christ Like Disciples?”

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